Our Mission

Happiness Capital is a global venture capital firm based in Hong Kong.

Our mission is to make the world a happier place by investing in startups and VC funds that are committed to the same mission as ours.

We aim to grow a Happiness ecosystem in which our invested companies and VC funds continue to co-create a happier world together with us.

Our Focus

Under the LKK Group’s mission to make the world a happier and healthier place beyond 1000 years, Happiness Capital invests in long-term and impactful verticals to co-create sustainable systems in: food, health, trust, and environment.

Investment Area

Improve trustworthiness among people and organizations


Sustainable food systems for better environment, nutrition, and food security


Improve overall well-being (both physical and mental), and tackle diseases that are tough or impossible to cure at present


Sustainable environment for mankind to continue to live, inc the Earth and Space

Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

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Happiness Return
Happiness is vital for the future of humanity and should be embedded in venture capital investment criteria
Our goal is to present a new perspective in investing. Financial Return and Happiness Return are both equally important to us. We aim to promote Happiness as an investment trend to further our mission of co-creating a happier world.


What do you want to do in this company for making this world happier?

Growing a startup to become successful is a very painful journey. I would like to help entrepreneurs who are creating businesses that help make the world happier, to enjoy a happy entrepreneurship journey as they go through the difficult stages of startup growth.


Chief Executive Officer

Eric oversees Happiness Capital. He is also a Senior VP at the LKK Health Products Group of which Happiness Capital is a member company. Eric leverages his extensive experience as a global entrepreneur to help startups to create successful businesses that make the world a happier place.

Eric was one of the founders of AGENDA which was the largest and most innovative digital agency network in Asia with a significant presence in China. AGENDA was sold to WPP in 2008, the world’s largest communications services group, and became part of WPPs Wunderman network. Prior to joining LKK Health Products Group in 2014, Eric was the Chief Client Officer of Wunderman Asia Pacific. Eric helped many famous clients such as Disneyland, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Colgate, etc. to create innovative digital marketing and online commerce initiatives to drive business results.

In the mid 90’s, Eric co-founded his first startup in the US and UK. This was a software product company that focused on applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and internet technologies in the insurance and healthcare industries. After it was sold to a large US managed care group, Eric joined Cap Gemini US as their Director of e-Business and advised many Fortune 500 companies on how to leapfrog their competitors with digital transformation.

Prior to his journey as an entrepreneur, Eric was a research scientist at University College London in the late 80’s where he focused on the research of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) to healthcare as part of a European Union initiative. Eric also spent 4 years teaching computer science at a UK university before he started his first startup in the UK and subsequently moved the company to the US to tap into the bigger US market.



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